C’mon yogi! Get on board!

self portrait eagle pose

eagle pose, self portrait

Right around three years ago, I got a student membership to Gold’s Gym in Pittsburgh. As far as anxiety goes, mine tends to get out of hand when I’m busy and stressed out. Before I went to college, I was a double athlete and able to manage my anxiety because of the physical and mental challenges I was able to engage in as a dedicated athlete. When I left high school, I left the scholar- athlete title behind, and by winter break my first year my anxiety was almost unmanageable. In Gold’s Gym I was not hoping to buff up with weights and machines. Rather, I sought to de-stress and find an outlet for my anxiety other than my poor picked, bitten fingernails. I found that in yoga. By the end of January, I was going to at least three classes a week. I bought a mat, some leggings and soon built my schedule around when I could practice.

Since then, I have taken my favorite poses to three continents other than N. America (and have the pictures to prove it!). This past summer, I took a yoga class on the Naval hospital ship I was living on for three months. I’ve climbed onto rocks and practiced balancing poses at the beach, warrior posed on old lava beds, and recently, I discovered hot yoga.

As I prepare to graduate from college, one of the many things I learned and will take with me is my yoga practice. This blog is a tribute to yoga, of course, and my journey with it as a young woman, aspiring photojournalist, world traveler and workaholic.

Namaste, all.


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