The yoga victorious

Photo Jan 23, 10 40 56 PM

Just after Christmas, I started a core workout program. Mainly, I just wanted to exercise my core muscles more and tone everything up (bathing suit season is coming soon!), but I also wanted to challenge myself, to work toward a goal.

The workouts are great for feeling the burn, as all workouts should be. I really feel like I’m getting somewhere. But I really felt like I was getting somewhere when the new school semester started and I was back to my yoga class, finally mastering crow pose and even some balancing poses I previously hadn’t been able to hold before. I attribute it to my workouts, of course (pictures of those will be up soon, I assure you).
But sometimes, small victories happen that mean just as much as staying up in crow pose for over 5 seconds without falling on your face.

After a workout the other day, since my mat was already out, I decided to stretch a little bit and do a sun salutation or two while I was warmed up. I’ve been trying to work on my hip flexors lately because the lack of flexibility in them was proving difficult in practice. So at the end of my practice, after a few lunges and pigeons, I sat and let my hips relax in a butterfly pose, while my hands went to my heart. And I breathed. That beautiful, end-of-practice breathing to let everything sink in and let your mind relish in the wonderful treatment you gave it, and your body, in the past minutes.

And then I realized, my calves were on the floor. My heels were pulled in as far as they could go and for the first time, my calves were on the floor. Seems pretty simple, right? Something I probably shouldn’t feel totally ecstatic for, right? But man, it felt like a milestone. I did it!

Namaste all, and may you too be victorious this week.


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