Awakened: How Yoga Gave Me My Peace Back

[The practice these audio clips are taken from is THIS practice (spoiler: the link takes you to a previous post).]

Two Tuesdays ago we ended our hour-long practice as usual. As I reluctantly opened my eyes after our “namaste” and got up to roll up my mat, I looked over and noticed a friend still sitting in a cross-legged position with her hands resting on her knees, her eyes closed. She had perfect posture and a slight smile on her face.


When I graduated high school, I decided that I was done playing sports. As a double athlete (soccer and softball) for over 10 years of my life, my body was wrecked. By my senior year of high school I had suffered four concussions, damaged vertebrate in my neck and had two cases of heat stroke. My last soccer season I hyper-extended my left knee and worn out the cartilage in both knees. With the hyper-extension, I was glad to be done, but it meant that the outlet I had had to find my peace was gone as well.

Yoga gave me back my peace, in even greater ways than sports had.

It took me a year to do any kind of decent forward fold. My long, goalkeeping arms gave me impressive binding abilities, but my weak joints and aching muscles left some desire when it came to balancing. I was never good a making friends or delving into my inner self to start figuring out who I was.

Yoga has gracefully, forcefully opened me up. And I am grateful for every tear, every muscle ache (of the best kind) and every day that it has provided me to have an awakened spirit. 

Thank you, yoga.




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