Yoga Flow Pittsburgh


Yoga Flow Pittsburgh website homepage. Source:

There are many things I want when it comes to my yoga practice. I like the place to be hot, but not too hot. I like the instructor to walk around and be engaged in his or her students as well as the practice. The atmosphere has to mesh with me and so does the music. I haven’t had to look hard in Pittsburgh to find good yoga that fits well with me. Currently, I frequent the Shadyside location of Yoga Flow Pittsburgh, and since the day I walked into the door I’ve been hooked.

With four locations in the Pittsburgh area, Yoga Flow has a fantastic atmosphere to get your mind and body connected. All of the instructors I’ve had have been great; they make the effort to connect to their students as well as get their students to connect to a practice.  On their website, Yoga Flow welcomes people to their company with this message:
It’s something different for us all that brings us to a yoga class. Perhaps it is to increase flexibility, gain strength, enhance physical fitness or to relieve stress. At each Yoga Flow studio, you will find that whatever your motivation is for being there, you are welcome to our family.”  


Instructors, courtesy of the Yoga Flow Pittsburgh website

The instructors at Yoga Flow are both professional and personal, and they are so open with their students. When I first experienced Yoga Flow Pittsburgh, I was struck by the peaceful atmosphere I stepped into as soon as I walked in the door. People were quieter, the lights were dim, the air smelled like incense and the mat. I had never practiced hot yoga before (hot vinyasa flow, not to be confused with bikram) and at one point during the practice I was overwhelmed at how amazing my limbs felt from the heat. Yoga Flow’s instructors are experienced, kind and sensitive yogis who very obviously want to share their knowledge of yoga with students and help them revive themselves. The studio strives for challenging routines that have room for inversions and rest, depending on what your body can handle. Yoga Flow studios are beautiful, with hard wood floors, places to put your belongings, and plenty of supplies like towels and blocks. Yoga Flow Shady Side prices range from $14 for a drop in ($8 for students) to $112 for a 10-punch pass ($75 for students). 

If you’re ever in Pittsburgh and looking to practice, Yoga Flow studios are a definite option to consider. Owned by Dominique Ponko, a ten-year yoga practitioner and teacher, Yoga Flow Pittsburgh studios are dedicated to helping and healing each student that walks into its door. 




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