In the forest without shoes on


In the forest without shoes on

I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but ever since I started getting better at balancing, I tend to do yoga everywhere. I climb up on rocks, I step up on railings, I go out on a limb. In this case, I went out on a fallen tree that was over a creek to do this eagle pose. And really, there is just something about doing yoga outside in the fresh air that is just soooooo vitalizing.

Sneak peek from my practice shoot


Sneak peek from my practice shoot

Last night I had the pleasure of shooting the yoga class I take at my university. Of course I have seen videos of practices, but I had never watched a practice before. I was struck with how utterly beautiful yoga is, and how so many students, ranging from dance majors to psychology majors to sports, arts, and entertainment management majors could come together and move as one.
So here’s a sneak peek from my hour-long shoot. Stay tuned for more to come!