Yoga survey

Hey readers,
As you have noticed, I’ve been working with data lately (graphs, maps, timelines, etc.). 
So, it’s now time to ask you all to participate!
It’s a short ten-question survey about you and yoga, if you have the time please please fill it out, eventually there will be sweet data illustrations to match it!

Thanks everyone, namaste.


A scientific approach to our yoga practice

I know I post a lot of articles on this blog, but being a resource for yoga stuff is one of the things this blog is all about! 

That being said, this article is AWESOME. Have you ever wondered what it is about yoga that makes us so connected to our bodies, revives our minds and really helps so many aspects of our physical health and mental health? 

Please read, and thanks to author Nina Mel for sharing this article on Elephant Journal!


Five Spring Cleaning Yoga Poses

If you’re in the Northeast like me, you’re probably joining in to everyone shouting “Death to Puxatony Phil!” and “Go home winter, you’re drunk!”

But, if you’re like me personally, you’re relishing in the little moments that don’t totally suck right now, and you’re looking forward to next week when the lowest temperature will be 40 degrees!!
So check out this short and sweet article and start spring-cleaning your body and gearing up for warm weather.



Yoginis and their tattoos

“Yoga and tattoos are both ancient forms of spiritual expression.” – Sara Lovelace

This article is a long one, but totally worth the read. Sara Lovelace writes this article with the purpose of looking at the revolutionary culture of yoga, and who is practicing nowadays (which includes a huge influx of women into the practice). Women today are empowered, and we now dominate the yoga culture as one united body of femininity. It’s quite beautiful, no?